Vapor Check Valve


Vapor Check Valve


Use this Vapor Check Valve to return vapor to the truck during terminal loading and service station drops. The 3" poppet opens when coupled and closes when disconnected, preventing the vapors from escaping into the atmosphere. The valve has 3" or 4" female NPSM threads, a 4" cam and groove, and tapped mounting holes for the EBW Air Interlock Brake. The 303 series is available without a poppet to serve as a male quick coupler with an Air Interlock Valve mounting pad.

  • Anodized aluminum construction.
  • Stainless steel stem and spring.
  • Buna-N gasket.
  • Aluminum guide.


Model Number Description
30130001 3" N.P.S.M. Vapor Recovery Adapter, with Poppet
30130002 4" N.P.S.M. Vapor Recovery Adapter, with Poppet
30130003 3" BSPP Vapor Recovery Adapter, with Poppet
30333303 3" N.P.S.M. Vapor Recovery Adapter, no Poppet
30344404 4" N.P.S.M. Vapor Recovery Adapter, no Poppet

Threaded Accessories

Model Number Description
1103915 O-ring
1109002 Retaining Ring
30010501 Poppet Spring
30020301 4" Poppet Vapor Recovery Adapter
30020501 Poppet Stem Guide

Vapor Recovery Adapter - 4" N.P.S.M.

30030502 Vapor Recovery Adapter - 3" N.P.S.M.
30030532 Vapor Recovery Adapter - 3" B.S.P.P.
77020102 3" replacement gasket


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