Vapor Check Valve


Vapor Check Valve


The sight glasses featured on this vapor recovery fitting can help detect liquid accumulation in the vapor manifold of a transport. A drain plug lets any extra fuel drain out, and the poppet prevents vapors from escaping when disconnected from the hose. A low pressure drop makes flow rates faster and vapor recovery safer. The adapter is constructed with a standard 4" TTMA flange, a 4" cam and groove, and a mounting pad for the Air Interlock Valve.


Model Number Description
30230011 Flanged Vapor Check Valve with Sight Glass
30230012 Flanged Vapor Check Valve without Sight Glass

Flanged Accessories

Model Number Description
1101002 Pipe Plug
1103915 O-ring
1109002 Retaining Ring
1121504 Sight Glass
30010501 Poppet Spring
30020301 4" Poppet Vapor Recovery Adapter
30020501 Poppet Stem Guide


Title Type Size
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CD_SSH_30430104_002.dwg DWG 3.19 MB
CD_SSH_30430103_002.pdf PDF 0.56 MB
CD_SSH_30430103_002.dwg DWG 3.19 MB