Vapor Caps


Vapor Caps

These lockable vapor caps act like dust covers, but won’t activate the Air Interlock Valve when used on vapor check valves and adapters. Iron-copper infiltrated cams create a solid push-down-and-pull-up movement for quick, easy removal and replacement; steel latches hold the caps secure. Orange in color to indicate vapor recovery, the caps can be used with any 4" male cam and groove. Caps also available with finger ring and chains.

  • Meets API RP 1004 Standard.
  • Aluminum or glass-filled nylon construction.
  • Iron-copper infiltrated cams and steel latches.
  • Lockable.
Model Number Description

Glass-filled PBT, AGB


Glass filled PBT w/chain, AGB

30430103 Epoxy coated aluminum, AGB

Epoxy coated aluminum w/chain, AGB

95021501 Replacement gasket, CARB Approved

for 30420006/30420007

Model Number Description
30430501 Vapor Recovery Cover
95021501 Replacement gasket, CARB Approved

for 30430104

Model Number Description
30430601 Aluminum Body Cover