Dual Point Vapor Recovery Elbow

Dual Point Vapor Recovery Elbow

This durable cast aluminum elbow ensures complete vapor recovery for dual point systems, and can be ordered with a variety of different adapters to meet any requirement. The simple four bolt flange design allows for easy replacement of adapters over competitive threaded styles. Its low profile design allows for convenient storage and the specially designed quick grip one hand operation handle allows for easy on and off attachments.

  • Cast aluminum.
  • Compact, low profile design.
  • Four bolt flange pattern.
  • Protective base shield.

Dual Point Vapor Recovery Elbow

Model Number Description
88046001 Body Only
88046501 3" Male Cam & Groove Adapter
88046502 3" Male NPT Adapter

Dual Point Vapor Recovery Elbow Accessories

Model Number Description
1112601 Grooved (Straight) Pin
1112607 Grooved (Straight) Pin
1117012 #10 - 24 × ½" Socket Head Cap Screw
87020001 Elbow Seal
88024501 Locking Cam
88024601 Handle Retainer Block
88024701 Adapter Flange Gasket
88039101 Vapor Elbow Locking Bar
88039601 3" Coupling Adapter


Title Type Size
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