Air-Operated Sequential Vapor Valves

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Air-Operated Sequential Vapor Valves

Handle fuel vapors safely and efficiently with this lightweight aluminum vapor valve. The air-operated valve allows fast vapor flow during loading and unloading. The poppet is designed to open into the tank, preventing accidental leakage from product surges or from a tank truck rollover. Easy-to-use air line connections are located outside the compartment for convenient installation and maintenance. The 3.5" vapor valve comes with male NPT threads or a TTMA flange for installation in conventional 16" or 20" manholes.

  • Lightweight aluminum body and hood.
  • Fluorocarbon seal.
  • TTMA specifications.

Air-Operated Sequential Vapor Valves

Model Number Description
88034301 Flanged with Hood
88034501 Threaded with Hood
88034401 Sequential Vapor Valve Body Assembly
88034101 Flanged without hood
88034201 Threaded without hood

Air-Operated Sequential Vapor Valves Accessories

Model Number Description
1100326 O-ring
88026701 Mounting Assembly Flange
88034401 Sequential Vapor Valve Body Assembly


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