402 Series Utility


402 Series Utility

The economical EBW™ brand 402 Series utility nozzle is constructed of high tensile strength aluminum alloy. Its angled design allows more efficient fueling positions by reducing hose wear and pinch points.

  • Spout: 15/16” aluminum (leaded), 13/16” aluminum (unleaded)
  • Body: Heat-treated aluminum
  • Poppet seal: UL listed Nitrile
  • Weight: 1.31 Lbs (0.59 Kg)
  • For use with gasoline, diesel and Ethanol blends up to E15.


  • UL listed (UL 2586).
Model Number Description
402315901 ¾" utility nozzle, leaded spout
402315902 1" utility nozzle, leaded spout
402315903 ¾" utility nozzle, unleaded spout
402315904 1" utility nozzle, unleaded spout
90003 Utility nozzle service kit
  • *Biofuel approved models (E85 and biofuel).