410 Fuel Oil


410 Fuel Oil

The EBW 410 fuel oil delivery nozzle has hold-open notches and a lever pin bushing made of Nylafil, which resists wear five times longer than metal and is unaffected by temperature extremes. This is the most rugged nozzle available with a heavy duty body and increased wear lugs. Dashpot construction ensures smooth opening, shockproof closure and maximum flow.

  • Body: aluminum.
  • Stem: stainless steel.
  • Packing: PTFE-impregnated graphite.
  • Discs: fluorocarbon.

Note: Tubes not included and must be ordered separately.

WARNING: This is a non-automatic nozzle with a manually operated latch which will not shut off automatically. Use should be limited to applications sanctioned by OSHA, State Fire Marshal Codes, and other appropriate regulating bodies and/or safety codes.

Model Number Description
41030003 EBW® 410 fuel oil delivery nozzle
41040103 EBW® 410 fuel oil delivery nozzle