600 Series Bootless


600 Series Bootless

The HEALY™ brand 600 Series Bootless Vapor Recovery Nozzles feature a bootless design for Stage II Vapor Recovery applications. For use on new or existing vapor-ready dispensers, this nozzle features internal vapor flow control  which is performed without the use of electronics or variable speed pumps installed at the dispenser.

  • Features the easy-to-use bootless design which captures the vapors through the nozzle spout rather than a boot.
  • For use on new or existing dispensers.
  • Includes easy-to-replace vapor escape guard to prevent splashback and significantly reduces spout wear.
  • With the internal vapor flow control, vapor flow is matched to liquid flow by the nozzle itself, rather than by complex electronic controls or variable speed pumps in the dispenser.
  • This internal vapor flow control helps simplify installation, reduce system costs, and can significantly reduce downtime, system diagnostics, and maintenance costs.
  • External parts are field-replaceable.
  • The lightweight and bootless design makes this a very user-friendly Stage II Vapor Recovery nozzle.
  • Weight: 3 Lbs (1.4 Kg)
  • Flow rate: 10 gpm (37.85 lpm)


  • UL listed (UL 2586)
  • CARB approved

CARB System Certifications

CARB Certified for Use With Executive Order Number Tank Type
9000 mini-jet G-70-165 UST
VP500 vane pump G-70-165 UST
VP1000 Series vacuum pump G-70-183 UST
Model Number Description
600-02G9 FS 600 bootless nozzle, unleaded, full-service with black scuffguard
405219905 600 nozzle vapor escape guard and 6119 boot clamp, black
405220906 600 nozzle spout kit. Includes 6209-G9 spout assembly, 6206-OR O-ring kit, vapor escape guard, and 6119 boot clamp.
405221901 600 nozzle hold-open clip kit includes 6238-2 hold-open clip, 239-L rear guard rivet, 6249 spring, 6130-4 lever assembly, 240-SS pal nut, 219 front guard rivet, 6358 handguard and 235-C lever cover
469 Nozzle handle cover
6030 600 nozzle scuffguard, black
6030BL 600 nozzle scuffguard, blue
6030G 600 nozzle scuffguard, green
6030GD 600 nozzle scuffguard, gold
6030R 600 nozzle scuffguard, red
6030W 600 nozzle scuffguard, white
6030Y 600 nozzle scuffguard, yellow
  • Nozzles are supplied with black scuffguards unless otherwise specified. To order a nozzle with a scuffguard colour other than black, place appropriate “X” code after “G9” in model number, as follows: BL for blue, GD for gold, G for green, R for red, W for white or Y for yellow.