Clean Air Separator

Clean Air Separator

The HEALY™ clean air separator prevents excess emissions and product loss by controlling gasoline storage tank pressure. The unit works in combination with Healy ORVR/EVR type nozzles as part of a system that increases overall performance and efficiency.

  • High reliability and maintenance-free.
  • No mechanical moving parts.
  • No electrical connections needed.
  • 5-year warranty.
CARB Certified for Use With Executive Order Number Tank Type
Healy EVR components VR-201 VR-202 UST without ISD UST with ISD
Model Number Description
9466G Float Check (for use with CAS only)
9948 Breather assembly
9961 Vertical clean air separator
996123 1" ball valve (4 per CAS)
996124 Brass lock for ball valve (includes key) (4 per CAS)
9961H Horizontal clean air separator
405025001 CAS kit – parts
9943 CAS replacement bladder
  • 405025001 - Clean air separator kit parts


Title Type Size
CD_SSH_9466G_001.dwg DWG 0.3 MB
CD_SSH_9466G_001.pdf PDF 0.1 MB


Title Type Size
405681001 CAS Bladder Replacement Guide.pdf PDF 1.03 MB