800 Series ORVR

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800 Series ORVR

The HEALY™ 800 Series Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) nozzle converts any new or existing dispenser to a CARB certified system for ORVR compatibility. The smart interface design will automatically detect whether a vehicle is equipped with ORVR to prevent over-pressurization caused by clean air being pulled back into the storage tank.

Available for use outside of the United States.

  • ORVR compatible for underground tank systems without the need for a back-end processor.
  • Fills cars faster with high flow rates, while the vacuum-assisted design keeps customers and forecourts clean with its dripless and spitless technology.
  • Easy-to-use, durable design that captures the vapors through a reduced size boot.
  • Over horizontal shut-off and no-pressure, no-flow technologies for safety.
  • Available for full-service applications with three position hold-open clip.
  • Available as self-service without hold-open clip.
  • Weight: 3.5 Lbs (1.6 Kg)
  • Flow rate: 10 gpm (37.85 lpm)


  • UL listed (UL 2586)
  • CARB approved
Model Number Description
800-02G3 FS-3

800 ORVR compatible nozzle, unleaded, full-service, three position hold open-clip, with black scuffguard

405219902 800 nozzle mini-boot with face seal and 640956 boot clamp

800 Series nozzle replacement spout kit, includes 405923901 spout assembly, 6206-OR O-ring kit, 405800901 boot assembly and 640956 boot clamp


800 nozzle three position hold-open clip kit includes 6238-2 hold-open clip, 239-L rear guard rivet, 6249 spring, 6130-4 lever assembly, 240-SS pal nut, 219 front guard rivet, 6358 hand guard, and 235-C lever cover

469 Nozzle handle cover
6408 Nozzle scuffguard, black
6408BL Nozzle scuffguard, blue
6408G Nozzle scuffguard, green
6408GD Nozzle scuffguard, gold
6408R Nozzle scuffguard, red
6408W Nozzle scuffguard, white
6408Y Nozzle scuffguard, yellow
  • Nozzles are supplied with black scuffguards unless otherwise specified. To order a nozzle with a scuffguard color other than black, place appropriate “X” code after “G3” in the model number as follows: BL for blue, GD for gold, G for green, R for red, W for white, Y for yellow, BG for bright green, PK for pink, or PL for purple.