AST Spill Container


AST Spill Container

The EBW AST spill container gives overflow protection to fill and vapor return risers on an aboveground storage tank. Its 7-1/2 gallon capacity prevents potential environmental problems by containing fuel overfill spills during fill-up.

  • Built-in drain allows spilled fuel to drain back into the tank.
  • 7-1/2 gallon capacity.
  • Lockable lid prevents tampering and theft.
  • Epoxy coated 14 gauge steel skirt and lid provide corrosion protection and durability.
  • Threads onto a 4" riser pipe to install.
  • Cast iron base securely bolted to the steel skirt provides superior strength for heavy duty applications.
  • Lid and skirt: 14 gallon epoxy coated steel.
  • Base: cast iron.
  • Gasket: fire-resistant graphite base gasket.
  • Drain valve: acetal with a flourocarbon graphite valve seal.
Model Number Description
706500901 Standard


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