Sealing Dip Cap

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Sealing Dip Cap

The EBW® brand sealing dip cap prevents the overflowing of a tank through uncapped tank dipstick risers. The 3" sealing dip cap incorporates a spring-loaded, self-closing internal valve which seals when the sealing cap is removed and the dipstick is not in place. This innovative safety feature provides overflow protection whether the sealing cap and the dipstick are removed, or the sealing cap is in position with an attached dipstick stored in the tank.

  • Threads onto 3" NPT or BSPT riser pipes, with adapter available for 2" NPT or BSPT riser pipes.
  • Substantial safety improvement for tanks which are frequently dipped.
  • Lockable latch to hold sealing cap in place.
  • Dipstick can be attached to the sealing cap and stored inside the tank.
  • Compact design for minimal height.
  • Biofuel compatible.
  • Easy to retrofit on existing dipstick riser pipes with minimal site disruption.


  1. Sealing cap
  2. Lockable latch
  3. Self-closing valve (closed)
  4. Self-closing valve (open)
  5. Dipstick mounting bracket
  6. Mounted dipstick
  7. Dip cap body
Model Number Description
405756901 2" NPT riser adapter for 3" BSPP sealing dip cap model 405718901


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