FLEX-ING™ Fiberglass Manways

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FLEX-ING™ Fiberglass Manways

FLEX-ING™ fiberglass manways provide maximum access to tank sumps while delivering solid durability. They feature a full fiberglass construction with a composite lightweight lid for easy access. The unique contoured skirt design expands out to 47”, providing clear access to large tank sumps as well as giving the manway added strength.

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Maximum Sump Access & Water Drainage

Compatible with Franklin Fueling Systems 42” and 48” fiberglass tanks sumps and 45” polyethylene tank sumps, FLEX-ING™ fiberglass manways deliver wider access, maximum drainage, with a lightweight composite lid. 

Wider Access

The expansive 42” diameter of the manway opening provides ample workspace for serving and maintaining the tank sump equipment.

Maximum Drainage

The 47” flared base of the skirt maximizes the space around the tank sump to direct water away from the sump.

Composite Lid

A single technician can easily remove the lightweight cover while the composite construction and design allow the cover to stand up to the harshest forecourt conditions. It exceeds H20 and HS20 load standards.

Contoured Skirt

The contoured skirt with reinforced fiberglass ring provides a larger surface area for concrete support which allows the concrete to bear more of the load from traffic above.



Tank Sump Compatibility

Model Number Description
14F-4215 Fiberglass manway with composite lid and 15" fiberglass skirt


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