Multiport Manways

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Multiport Manways

PHIL-TITE™ multiport manways provide watertight access to spill containers for the filling of underground storage tanks. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, the PHIL-TITE™ multiport manway design allows sump shield removal for regular maintenance or inspection without having to unthread and remove the spill containers. This is a key feature for markets that require costly permitting, site closure, and testing if the vapor space is broken by removing spill containers.

  • Each manway includes a manway cover with cam locks, 18” flared fiberglass skirt, stainless steel spill container sleeve(s) with powder coated manway and spill container cover(s), and 5-gallon fill and/or vapor spill containers.
  • Available in 36” and 42” access opening diameters.
  • Fill spill containers feature a drain valve to facilitate easy return of spilled fuel back into the tank.
  • Spill container access openings are 16” on center to align with standard tank bung openings.
  • D-profile O-ring seals the manhole cover and prevents groundwater intrusion.
  • 18” corrosion-resistant fiberglass skirt.
  • Cover includes cam locks with stainless steel hardware to eliminate lost bolts and corroded threads as well as prevent water entry from improper re-installation after maintenance.
  • Available with optional plow ring for areas where snowfall is present.
  • Optional watertight sump shield also available.
  • EVR Phase I Certification, Executive Order VR-101.


  1. Powder coated manway
  2. Cam locks
  3. Spill container sleeves
  4. Vapor spill container
  5. Fill spill container
  6. Fiberglass skirt
  7. Spill container lids
  8. Drain valve
  9. Access opening

Multiport Manway Configurations

  1. One Spill Container Configuration
    • One spill container
    • One 13" access opening
  2. Two Spill Container Configuration
    • Two spill containers
    • One 8” access opening
  3. Four Spill Container Configuration
    • Four spill containers
    • One 6” access opening

Multiport Manway Dimensions

Model A B C D
Spill Collection Separation Cover Diameter Clear Opening Manway Skirt from Finished Grade Height
36” Multiport Manway 16” 38” 36” 18”
42” Multiport Manway 16” 45” 42” 18”

36” PHILTITE™ Multiport Manways

Model Number Description
602132909 Replacement cover assembly for M36-1C-1-0-NPR
602132919 Replacement cover assembly for M36-1C-1-0-SPR
602132914 Replacement cover assembly for M36-2C-0-1-NPR
602132920 Replacement cover assembly for M36-2C-0-1-SPR

42” PHIL-TITE™ Multiport Manways

Model Number Description
602133909 Replacement cover assembly for M42-2C-0-1-NPR
602133905 Replacement cover assembly for M42-1C-1-0-NPR
602133910 Replacement cover assembly for M42-4C-0-1-NPR

PHIL-TITE™ Multiport Manway Installation Tools & Accessories

Model Number Description

PHIL-TITE™ spill container tool kit includes T-handle (T-7001), spill container tool (T-7002-A), and swivel adapter tool (T-7102)

  • Each PHIL-TITE™ spill container requires a riser adapter for installation.

Watertight Sump Shield Installation Tools & Accessories

Model Number Description
FIBERGLASS-KIT Fiberglass seam kit for one seam - includes: matte, resin, putty, catalyst, ½" x 3" roller, 2" brush, quart cups (qty 3), stir sticks (qty 2), squeegee, glove - size large (qty 2 pairs)