Downward Tank Vent

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Downward Tank Vent

EBW tank vents are designed to provide an open path for vapors from an underground or aboveground storage tank to the atmosphere.

  • Dome-shaped top design drains off moisture including rain, snow and ice.
  • 30 mesh prevents dirt and debris from entering vent lines.
  • Body: aluminum.
  • Lid: zinc plated steel.
  • Seal: brass.

Brass Foot Valves 1-1/2" single

Model Number Description
VENT CAP 2 Vent Cap Aluminium Down Discharge 1½"/2" BSPT
  • Designed with two sets of female threads to engage a 1-1/2” or 2” [MC] BSPT male thread vent riser in same enclosure.