Ball Valves


Ball Valves

FLEX-ING™ brand ball valves provide in-line product flow shutoff, making testing and inspection of equipment easy. Incorporating ball valves into the installation of your pipework system up front can save you on time, labor and dispenser shutdown costs for years to come. The use of ball valves allows you to isolate and shut down the flow of product to specific system components so you can perform maintenance or inspection on only the desired components, while the rest of the system remains in operation.

  • Blowout-proof, triple-sealing stems.
  • 600 PSI working pressure.
  • 100% leak tested at factory.
  • Body, end connections, stem and packing gland: CW617N brass
  • Ball: Black T.E.A. coated CW617N brass
  • Packing and seat: PTFE
  • Handle and nut: Plated steel with Vinyl grip


  • UL842 listed.
  • CSA certified.
  • FM approval.
Model Number Description
BV150FPSS 1½" full port stainless steel ball valve
BV150FPBRASS 1½" full port brass ball valve
BV200FPSS 2" full port stainless steel ball valve
BV200FPBRASS 2" full port brass ball valve
BV300FPSS 3" full port stainless steel ball valve
BV300FPBRASS 3" full port brass ball valve


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