Vapor Swivel Adapter Kits

Vapor Swivel Adapter Kits

The vapor swivel adapter helps prevent leaks caused by constant delivery elbow movement on the riser adapter. The top section rotates during normal deliveries, preventing the bottom section from loosening on the riser pipe which could cause a vapor or product leak around the adapter. It’s poppet design seals off the vapor path when not coupled.

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All-In-One Fill Point Kits

Vapor swivel adapters come available in packages including both vapor and fill swivel adapters, as well as kits including the adapter, cap, and riser.

  • Adds approximately 4” to riser height to fit under most existing fill and vapor manway covers.
  • Swivels on two rows of corrosion-resistant chromium steel ball bearings for long life in high volume stations.
  • All vapor seals are fluorocarbon and inert in motor fuels.
  • Stainless steel models provide additional fuel compatibility and are CARB Phase I EVR approved under executive order VR-101.


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  1. Cap
  2. Swivel adapter
  3. Riser nipple
  4. Spill container

Vapor Swivel Adapters

Model Number Description
  • SWF-100-B and SWFV-PKG: EVR Phase 1 Certification VR-101.
  • SWF-100-SS and SWFV-PKGSS: EVR Phase 1 Certification VR-101 for gas and E85.

Vapor Swivel Adapter Kits

Model Number Description


Title Type Size
FFS-0143 Vapor Swivel Adapters Datasheet.pdf PDF 4.31 MB


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CD_SSH_SWV-101-X_002.pdf PDF 0.03 MB
CD_SSH_SWV-101-X_002.dwg DWG 0.18 MB