Spill Container Replacement Parts

Spill Container Replacement Parts

Replacement 5 gallon spill containers , include factory installed risers on both fill and vapor models. A drain valve is included on fill models as shown. Factory assembled and tested. For all direct bury and multi-port manways. 85000-EXT includes an extension for use with platform packages shown on page 64. Available as vapor, without drain valve, or fill, with drain valve.

  • Extra space at top of spill container makes it easier for drivers to connect fuel hose.
  • Patent number: 4,696,330.
  • EVR Phase 1 Certification VR-101 for gas and E85.
  • Florida approved EQ555.
  • Tracer tight approved.
  • Missouri MOPETP approved APCP-0002-001-99.

Replacement Spill Containers

Item Number Long Description
85100 Replacement 3.5 gallon PHIL-TITE™ spill bucket, with drain valve
85100-1 Replacement 5 gallon 85000-1 fill spill bucket, with drain valve
85101 Replacement 3.5 gallon PHIL-TITE™ spill bucket, without drain valve
85101-1 Replacement 5 gallon 85000-1 vapor spill bucket, without drain valve
  • 85100-1 and 85101-1 are Missouri MOPETP approved.

85000-1 and 85100-1 Spill Collector Fill Spill Bucket

Item Number Long Description
602026001 Flexible polyurethane foam filter
85009 Direct bury stainless steel sleeve
85011-1 Grey ductile cast iron cover with wiper seal
85031-1 Stainless steel retaining ring for screen and filter
85035 O-ring
85036 Outer spill bucket U-shaped seal for 85000 Series
85036-1 Outer spill bucket U-shaped seal for 85000-1 Series
85039 Replacement gasket for all swivel Adapters
85400 Drain valve handle and valve assembly
PP-1005-TB Fill debris bucket insert, without pump
PP-1005-TBP Debris bucket, with pump
SC-1513V U-shaped seal for ductile cast iron lid


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TB0218-01 Phil-Tite to Defender Retrofits.pdf PDF 0.49 MB