Pressure Regulator Valve


Pressure Regulator Valve

The EBW 664 pressure regulator valve is designed to be used in conjunction with suction type dispensers connected to an aboveground storage tank. The pressure regulator valve prevents fuel from flowing to the pumping unit and flowing out the vent tube of the self-contained dispenser when the pump is not activated. The pressure regulator valve is a vacuum actuated valve which will not allow product flow until the suction of the pumping unit opens the valve. The valve closes by means of an internal spring when pumping is complete.

  • Hydrostatic pressure adjusting mechanism with durable weather cap.
  • Built in thermal expansion pressure relief valve.
  • Shear section is standard, eliminating need for an additional shear valve.
  • NFPA 30.
  • API/RP 2000.
  • Body: cast iron.
  • Seals: fluorocarbon.
  • Filter: stainless steel.
  • Poppet: fluorocarbon.
Model Number Description

Male replacement adapter

66222101 Union replacement Adapter

Female replacement adapter for 66430203

66421101 Female Replacement Adapter for 66430206
66430201 Male-NPT
66430202 Union
66430203 Female-NPT
66430206 Female-Poppeted
66430226 Female-BSPT
66430401 Mounting bracket


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FFS-0723 Pressure Regulator Valve Datasheet.pdf PDF 1.76 MB


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