Optimum Fusion


Optimum Fusion

With the PetroTite Standard and Optimum fusion chambers the riser section electrofuses to the base, removing the need for multiple bolt holes and foam gaskets in this area, therefore dramatically reducing the number of potential leak paths.

With its simplified assembly, this electrofusion system also reduces the installation time. Welding of the chamber can be performed using UPP electrofusion equipment in approximately six minutes.

Once welded and cooled the base and riser of the OCH models become one homogeneous unit, with no mechanical joints and no leak points. The chamber can then be vacuum tested to ensure that it is 100% leak-tight.

The Optimum chamber is available with either Deep or Shallow bases, and both will allow for a very easy installation of pipework before the riser is fused into place.

  • With the PetroTite Standard and Optimum fusion chambers the riser electrofuses to the chamber base - no bolts, no leaks. Quick installation with no bolt holes.
  • Vacuum testable. Specific testing at critical points ensures a leak-proof installation.
  • Tank access remains dry and protected even in high water table areas.
  • Compatible with all UPP electrofusion entry seals. Fully welded UPP system, eliminating mechanical joints and leaks.
  • The two-piece design enables easy access during installation while the compact design allows for economy in shipping.

OCH Chambers

Model Number Description
OCH-1400-D PE Chamber Deep Burial 1400
OCH-1400-S PE Chamber Shallow Burial 1400
  • Toggles OCH-1400-T included.
  • Please note a welding harness tool OCH-1400-H is required to install this product and must be ordered separately. This can be found under Associated Items on the menu.

OCH Chamber - Parts

Model Number Description
OCH-1400-BD Deep Chambers base
OCH-1400-BS Shallow Chambers base
OCH-1400-LW Waterproof Wide opening lid
OCH-1400-RL Large opening Chambers Riser
  • May require lead time. Consult factory for availability.

Associated Items

Model Number Description
OCH-1400-BG Base Seal for Chambers
OCH-1400-G Lid Seal for OCH Chambers
OCH-1400-H PE-Chambers Harness