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APT’s TS-2430, TS-3630 and TS-4230 tank sumps are ideally suited for low cost retro fits and shallow burial applications. The TS-2430 is ideal for line branching points and for containing piping splices. The 36" or 42" bases provide ample space for submersibles and fittings. The bolt-on gasket-lid combination fits economically under a 30" manway.

  • TS-2430 utilizes an 18" bolt-down watertight lid.
  • TS-3630 and TS-4230 utilize a 23½" bolt-down watertight lid.
  • High density polyethylene construction is durable and chemical-resistant.
  • All TS-Series sumps allow fittings to be installed with ease, while tapered design allows for installation under an economical 30" manway.
  • Bolt-down cover can be easily removed for routine inspections.
  • One-piece design enhances water resistance.
Model Number Description
99985555 Replacement gasket
TS-2430 Transition sump, shallow burial, 24" base, fits under a 30" manway
TS-3630 Tank sump, shallow burial, 36" base, fits under a 30" manway
TS-4230 Tank sump, medium burial, 42" base, fits under a 30" manway
TS-KIT TS-3630/4230 retro fit kit, replacement lid assembly for screw-on polyethylene lids


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