KIWA System Accessories

KIWA System Accessories

Installations of UPP® pipework occurring in markets that require KIWA certifications of products will require specialized components. These components include an anti-permeation ring, a primary formed pipe bend, and pipe termination fitting.

Anti-Permeation Ring

Model Number Description
408182001 63 mm Anti-Permeation Ring
408185001 50 mm Anti-Permeation Ring
  • Anti-Permeation Ring For regions that command KIWA certification of products, KIWA BRL-K552/03 requires closure of the gap between pipe ends that are to be electrofusion welded for single wall primary pipe delivering fuel of PGS Class 1 and Class 2. To do this, an anti-permeation ring is installed between the pipe ends within the electrofusion coupler. Single wall primary pipe carrying PGS Class 3 fuel (e.g. diesel) does NOT require the anti-permeation ring to be fitted.

Piping Termination

Model Number Description
91-063-1-EXT-SS BSPT

63 mm Piping Termination, 1½" Male Thread BSPT

Piping Formed Bend

Model Number Description
03-050-R400-K 50 mm Piping Formed Bend, Single Wall
03-063-R400-K 63 mm Piping Formed Bend, Single Wall


Title Type Size
TB0618-01NL Installing UPP Anti-Permeation Rings for KIWA Certification.pdf PDF 1.45 MB
TB0618-01 Installing UPP® Anti-Permeation Rings for KIWA Certification.pdf PDF 1.45 MB
408095001_NL_ r1 DW transition.pdf PDF 0.66 MB
408095001-r1-dw-transition-fittings.pdf PDF 0.64 MB
408001007sv_r2-upp-electrofusion-instructions.pdf PDF 2.9 MB
408001007pl_-r3-upp-electrofusion-instructions.pdf PDF 3.14 MB
408001007nl_r0-uppelektrofusie-lasinstructies.pdf PDF 2.09 MB
408001007de-r2-upp-electrofusion-instructions.pdf PDF 2.95 MB
408001016NL r6 UPP Piping Installation Guide (Dutch) PDF 1.95 MB
408001016sv_r3-upp-piping-install-smal.pdf PDF 1.85 MB
408001016RU UPP Piping Install.pdf PDF 2.02 MB
408001016pl_r3-upp-piping-install.pdf PDF 1.64 MB
408001016de_-r2-upp-piping-install.pdf PDF 1.64 MB
408001016CS UPP Piping Installation Guide.pdf PDF 3.64 MB
408001016 UPP Piping Installation Guide.pdf PDF 2.16 MB
408001015sv_r3-upp-compression-fittings-small.pdf PDF 2.17 MB
408001015-r3-upp-compression-fittings.pdf PDF 0.09 MB
408001015pl_-r3-upp-compression-fittings.pdf PDF 0.6 MB
408001015nl-r0-upp-montageprocedure-voor-compressiefitting.pdf PDF 0.99 MB
408001015 UPP Compression Fittings-small.pdf PDF 0.54 MB
408001014pl_r4-gemini-install_a4.pdf PDF 2.91 MB
408001014nl-r0-upp-gemini-fittingen-van-45°-90°-en-t-stuk.pdf PDF 2.43 MB
408001014de-r5-gemini-install-a4.pdf PDF 2.43 MB