KIWA System Accessories

KIWA System Accessories

Installations of UPP® pipework occurring in markets that require KIWA certifications of products will require specialized components. These components include an anti-permeation ring, a primary formed pipe bend, and pipe termination fitting.

Anti-Permeation Ring

Model Number Description
408182001 63 mm Anti-Permeation Ring
408185001 50 mm Anti-Permeation Ring
  • Anti-Permeation Ring For regions that command KIWA certification of products, KIWA BRL-K552/03 requires closure of the gap between pipe ends that are to be electrofusion welded for single wall primary pipe delivering fuel of PGS Class 1 and Class 2. To do this, an anti-permeation ring is installed between the pipe ends within the electrofusion coupler. Single wall primary pipe carrying PGS Class 3 fuel (e.g. diesel) does NOT require the anti-permeation ring to be fitted.

Piping Termination

Model Number Description
91-063-1-EXT-SS BSPT

63 mm Piping Termination, 1½" Male Thread BSPT

Piping Formed Bend

Model Number Description
03-050-R400-K 50 mm Piping Formed Bend, Single Wall
03-063-R400-K 63 mm Piping Formed Bend, Single Wall


Title Type Size
TB0618-01NL Installing UPP Anti-Permeation Rings for KIWA Certification.pdf PDF 1.45 MB
TB0618-01 Installing UPP® Anti-Permeation Rings for KIWA Certification.pdf PDF 1.45 MB
408095001_NL_ r1 DW transition.pdf PDF 0.66 MB
408095001-r1-dw-transition-fittings.pdf PDF 0.64 MB
408001007sv_r2-upp-electrofusion-instructions.pdf PDF 2.9 MB
408001007pl_-r3-upp-electrofusion-instructions.pdf PDF 3.14 MB
408001007nl_r0-uppelektrofusie-lasinstructies.pdf PDF 2.09 MB
408001007de-r2-upp-electrofusion-instructions.pdf PDF 2.95 MB
408001016NL r6 UPP Piping Installation Guide (Dutch) PDF 3.3 MB
408001016sv_r3-upp-piping-install-smal.pdf PDF 1.85 MB
408001016RU UPP Piping Install.pdf PDF 2.02 MB
408001016pl_r3-upp-piping-install.pdf PDF 1.64 MB
408001016de_-r2-upp-piping-install.pdf PDF 1.64 MB
408001016CS UPP Piping Installation Guide.pdf PDF 3.64 MB
408001016 UPP Piping Installation Guide.pdf PDF 2.16 MB
408001015sv_r3-upp-compression-fittings-small.pdf PDF 2.17 MB
408001015-r3-upp-compression-fittings.pdf PDF 0.09 MB
408001015pl_-r3-upp-compression-fittings.pdf PDF 0.6 MB
408001015nl-r0-upp-montageprocedure-voor-compressiefitting.pdf PDF 0.99 MB
408001015 UPP Compression Fittings-small.pdf PDF 0.54 MB
408001014pl_r4-gemini-install_a4.pdf PDF 2.91 MB
408001014nl-r0-upp-gemini-fittingen-van-45°-90°-en-t-stuk.pdf PDF 2.43 MB
408001014de-r5-gemini-install-a4.pdf PDF 2.43 MB
408001010-r4-ef1-upp-handheld-welder.pdf PDF 0.91 MB
408001010PT EF1 UPP Handheld Welder (Portuguese).pdf PDF 0.72 MB
408001010FR r4 EF1 UPP Handheld Welder (French).pdf PDF 0.92 MB
408001010DE r3 EF1 UPP Handheld Welder (German).pdf PDF 1.04 MB
408089001-rev1-upp-piping-in-existing-site.pdf PDF 0.63 MB
408098001nl_r2-upp-above-ground-install.pdf PDF 0.9 MB
408098001 UPP Above ground Install.pdf PDF 0.91 MB
408099001r1-detector-tape-install-guidelines.pdf PDF 7.91 MB
FFS-0132 r5_Piping_Checklist_Warranty_Startup.pdf PDF 0.15 MB