Below Grade Intermediate

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Below Grade Intermediate

The APT® below grade intermediate piping sump is a multifunctional component in the underground flexible piping system. The IPS-2424 and IPS-3636 can be used as a containment sump for fittings when utilizing a tee between dispenser islands, for contained piping splices, or for line branching points. These sumps are ideal for a low point sensor chamber between USTs and dispenser islands where required.

  • 18" bolt-down watertight lid.
  • Design is engineered to be multi-functional.
  • Sumps are constructed from high density polyethylene, making them durable and chemical-resistant.
  • Two sizes available, 24" × 24" square and 36" × 36" square.
    Tapered top allows both intermediate piping sumps to fit securely under a 24" manway.
  • One-piece design ensures environmental security and water resistance.
Model Number Description
73510102 Replacement cover
99985554 Replacement gasket
IPS-2424 Intermediate piping sump, 24" × 24", fits under a 24" manway
IPS-3636 Intermediate piping sump, 36" × 36", fits under a 36" manway


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