UPP Dispenser Sumps

UPP Dispenser Sumps

UPP® dispenser sumps feature a rigid 8mm thick HDPE body with reinforced contoured structure and integrated rain lip allowing them to stand up to harsh forecourt conditions such as ground movement or hydrostatic pressure. The neck of UPP dispenser sumps can be trimmed to adjust for varying sump burial depths ensuring an efficient installation. In addition, the durable steel UPP dispenser sump top frames feature conduit entry points which allow conduit to enter the dispenser through the top frame without having to penetrate the sump wall. The galvanized steel stabilizer bars feature pre-drilled shear valve mount plates and spring channel nuts for quick mounting. UPP electrofusion entry boots allow you to connect UPP pipework directly to the dispenser sump, creating a solid, one-piece construction and eliminating potential leak paths.

  • Rigid and thick one-piece PE body with reinforced contoured structure.
  • No Leak Paths - one system when using UPP Electrofusion(EIF) Entry Seals.
  • Conduits can enter the dispenser through mounting frame without penetrating the sump wall.
  • Integrated rain lip option.
  • Large clear entry seal face.
  • The PetroTite Ribbed Dispenser Sumps neck can be trimmed to adjust sump burial depth.
  • Stabilizer bars feature pre-drilled shear valve mounting plate and spring channel nuts.

Dispenser Sump for Wayne™ Ovation™

Model Number Description
DS3915 OVATION Deep Dispenser Sump 39" x 15" for Wayne™ (*) Ovation™ (*)
Model Number Description
SBK-25 Stabilizer Bar Kit for 4111

Deep Dispenser Sump for Gilbarco™ Encore™

Model Number Description
DS3617 ENCORE Deep Dispenser Sump 36'' x 17'' for Gilbarco™ (*) Encore™ (*)
Model Number Description
SBK-3 Stabilizer Bar Kit for 2915 & 4115

Deep Dispenser Sump

Model Number Description
DS3818 Deep Dispenser Sump 38" x 18"
DS5518 Deep Dispenser Sump 55" x 18"
Model Number Description
DS-SBA-18 18" Wide Access Stabiliser Bar Kit

PE Wide Access Sumps

Model Number Description
DS3420 PE Wide Access Sumps 34" x 20"
DS4620 PE Wide Access Sumps 46" x 20"
Model Number Description
DS-SBA-20 20" Wide Access Stabiliser Bar Kit


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