Vacuum Testing


Vacuum Testing

The System Integrity Testing Kit from Franklin Fueling Systems allows tightness testing of spill containers, tank access chambers and dispenser sumps to ensure air-tight seals and peace of mind. Specific testing at critical points during the installation process ensures that all components are installed correctly and that the complete installation is leak proof, preventing the need for an expensive rework.

  • A Vacuum test unit which can be set to indicate the relationship between the on-site water table level and the level of the tank or dispenser sumps. The pressure test setting allows for low pressure testing with an additional setting specifically for spill containers.
  • 5.5 metre connection tubes between the test unit and the test lid allow the test unit to be placed outside zone 2 areas during testing.
  • Transparent test lids (sold separately) with close cell foam gaskets are available in a variety of sizes. These allow full visibility of areas being tested to observe gaskets, penetration seals etc. for easy visual identification of leak points. All lids come supplied in a tough black carry bag.
  • Easy to use.
  • Clear and concise instructions.
  • Easy to read vacuum gauge.
  • Adjustable depth of test to match water table level.
  • Built-in spark arrester.
  • Appropriate for use on a variety of systems.
  • Variety of test lids available with carry bags.

Vacuum Testing Units

Model Number Description
VTU-230V Vacuum Testing Unit 230V

Chamber Test Lids

Model Number Description
VTL-1350DIA Chamber Test Lid Assy 1350 dia
VTL-1470X600 Sump Test Lid Assy 1470x600
VTL-750X650 Chamber Test Lid Assy 750x650
VTL-800x800 Chamber Test Lid Assy 800x800


Title Type Size
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