Fusion Ducted Entry Boot

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Fusion Ducted Entry Boot

APT™ brand Fusion Ducted Entry Boots provide a watertight seal between XP Pipe and polyethylene constructed containment sumps. Utilizing the electrofusion welding process, the entry boot, ducting, and sump become one solid structure, creating a watertight entry into the containment space.

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  • The two-piece design includes the entry boot itself and a reducer fitting which seals off the secondary XP Pipe layer inside of the sump.
  • Creates watertight entries into containment sumps.
  • Features integrated test ports on both the entry boot and reducer fitting.
  • The electrofusion welding process is safe and simple to complete in any climate and virtually any weather condition.
  • The welding process uses the lightweight, portable electrofusion welder unit to form watertight connections.
  • Ducting is recommended for future-proofing sites to accommodate pipe changes or as a pull chase for future station expansion.
  • Available for use with 1½”, 1¾”, and 2” XP Pipe diameters.


  1. XP Ducting
  2. XP Pipe (secondary layer outside of sump)
  3. XP Pipe (primary layer exposed inside sump)
  4. Fusion ducted entry boot
  5. Reducing boot (included with fusion ducted entry boot)
  6. Rigid split test boot
  7. Polyethylene sump wall
Model Number Description
304-CLAMP Clamp for UPP® Fusion Seals 304
408032001 Step - up transformer, required for handheld welder operation
EF1-230V Handheld electrofusion welder, 230 V, with carying case and all necessary welding leads
FWEB-150-SC Fusion ducted entry boot for 1½" XP Pipe
FWEB-175-SC Fusion ducted entry boot for 1¾" XP Pipe
FWEB-200-SC Fusion ducted entry boot for 2" XP Pipe
SCR.HAR Hand scraper