PetroTite PE

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PetroTite PE

The DC4830 is of bolted construction at the riser/base joint which will give a joint of the same quality as that to the tank for a fully watertight seal.

  • Vacuum testable. Specific testing at critical points ensures a leak-proof installation.
  • Tank access remains dry and protected.
  • Compatible with all UPP electrofusion entry seals providing a welded UPP containment system, eliminating mechanical entry seal joints and leaks.
  • The two-piece design enables easy access during installation while the compact design allows for economy in shipping.
Model Number Description
DC4828(BASE) PetroTite PE Chamber BASE ONLY 1.2 x 1.2 m
DC4830SB PetroTite PE Chamber 1.2 x 1.2 m
DC4830SBG Gasket Kit for DC4830SB - Base & Waist
  • The gasket kit DC4830SBG is included with the DC4830SB
  • DC4830-L and DC4830-R may require lead time. Consult factory for availability.



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