The EF1 UPP electrofusion unit from Franklin Fueling Systems works with all UPP electrofusion fittings and products. UPP welders feature state-of-the-art electronics which allow for a more compact, user-friendly design.

  • The EF1 welder is IP65 rated and has been tested around the world under exacting site conditions and has proved to be an easy to use, efficient and invaluable addition to the tool box. Its robust construction, dust proof features and enhanced graphic feed‑back of the electrofusion progress, offer real benefit to the operator.
  • The unit’s improved self diagnostic capabilities also ensure increased reliability and tolerance in a variety of climatic conditions. It comes complete with welding leads in a lightweight carry bag for the 230V and a robust case for the 110V.
  • The EF1 unit automatically recognises the fitting when connected with the correct welding cable. It also checks the ambient temperature using a sensor positioned in the housing and adjusts the energy level to balance with the local environment. It then applies the correct amount of energy for a successful weld.

CE Certified Supplied Cables

Supplied Cables
Primary Cable - Standard Red 4mm 5.5m long
Secondary Containment Cable Green 2mm 5.5m long
Bridging Cable (For multiple welds) Red 4mm 5.5m long
Fusion Chamber Cable White 2.3mm 5.5m long
Power Supply Cable 4m (13')


Welding Unit Specifications

Welding Unit Specifications
UPP Stock Code Number EF1-230V EF1-110V-A
Operating Voltage 230V (+/-15%) AC Supply 110V (+/-15%) AC Supply
Operating Frequency 40 to 70Hz
Operating Temperature -15° to 45°C (5°F to 113°F)
Shipping Dimensions 460mm x 210mm x 210mm 420mm x 340mm x 80mm
Shipping Weight 3.6 kg (7.9lb) 13.24 kg (29.18lb)


This unit is designed to weld UPP pipes and fittings only* and must not be used in conjunction with any other Polyethylene pipework systems. *The UPP systems welder uses a constant current welding system unlike other systems which use constant voltage. Non‑UPP fittings may not be fused correctly with a risk of leakage. Information shown is accurate at the time of going to print. Franklin Fueling Systems reserves the right to change product specifications at any time.


Model Number Description

EF1 Welder Set 110V - N America Plug

EF1-230V Handheld electrofusion welder, 230 V, with carying case and all necessary welding leads

Cables & Transformer

Model Number Description
EF1-PC 4MM Welding Cable - Primary 4amp, 4 mm Pins Red
EF1-SC 2MM Welding Cable - Secondary 5amp, 2 mm Pins Green
EF1-C7A Welding Cable - Chamber 7amp White
EF1-PC 2MM Welding Cable - Primary 2 mm Red
EF1-BC 4MM Bridging Cable - Primary 4amp, 4 mm Pins Red
EW/BC/SC Welding Cable - Secondary for E3, E4 & E7 welders only Green
EW1/C Welding Cable - Primary 2 mm for E3, E4 & E7 welders only Red