Clamshell Fitting Test Boots

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Clamshell Fitting Test Boots

APT® secondary test boots are designed for testing the integrity of secondary contained flexible piping when using APT® clamshell fittings. Each boot has an air chuck for applying air pressure to the secondary containment jacket. Placing a boot on each end of the secondary containment jacket forms an airtight chamber for testing. After the testing is completed, slide the boots back on the pipe to open the secondary system. The boots remain on the pipe available for future testing as required by local regulations.

  • Secondary test boots slip over the end of the pipe prior to installation of end fittings.
  • Boots are manufactured using fuel-resistant nitrile rubber and employ brass air chucks and stainless steel clamps for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Boots are easily clamped down with a screwdriver or 5/16" nut driver, forming an airtight chamber between the primary pipe and the secondary jacket.
  • The secondary chamber is pressurized to 5-8 psi through air chuck to test system integrity.
  • After pressure testing, the boots remain on the pipe for future use but are pulled back to permit back-flow of fuel leaks to the tank sump.
Model Number Description
STB-150 Secondary test boot for XP-150-SC pipe
STB-200 UPP® Test Boot 75x63 mm Secondary with Test Port
STB-175 Test Boot Secondary with Test Port - 63x50 mm diameter


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