Under Dispenser Containment Sumps


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Under Dispenser Containment Sumps


Franklin Fueling Systems pre-packaged sumps offer a custom, complete ordering solution for your under-dispenser containment systems. Combine APT™ or UPP™ Piping & Containment System products with FLEX-ING™ and EBW™ brand Service Station Hardware products for an easy-to-order, ship, and install package.

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A Completely Custom Solution

Tell us your typical dispenser sump configuration and we create a single part number specifically for your business.

  • The model number is created for you based on your specific product preferences and configurations.
  • Each sump is packaged and shipped, complete with all components needed to complete an under-dispenser sump installation.
  • Ideal for businesses that frequently order the same dispenser sump configurations and keeps marketer specifications and installations uniform.
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All Components in One Package

Completely customize the package by selecting your preferences for each typical dispenser sump component including:

  • Sumps
  • Stabilizer bar kits
  • Number of product lines
  • Pipe size and brand (APT™ or UPP™)
  • Entry boots
  • Test boots
  • Shear valves
  • Flexible connectors
  • Tee (in-line) or elbow (end-of-run) fittings

Efficient Shipping & Handling

A complete dispenser sump is delivered to the job site or warehouse with all components contained inside the sump itself.

  • All components ship boxed inside of the sump, which is shipped in a watertight bag, leaving no picking or sorting to do once it arrives.
  • Reduced shipping volume can translate to savings in shipping costs, which can really add up with larger orders.
  • The packaged sump and its components are easy to stock or store until the equipment is needed on the job site.
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Fast & Accurate Installation

With pre-packaged sumps, there’s no guessing where each component is installed or sorting of equipment once on the job site.

  • Installers know exactly which components should be installed in each sump, leaving no guess work.
  • Avoid sorting parts or taking inventory - get right down to the installation work.
  • Each dispenser is packed with the exact components you specify, making it easy for the installer to complete an accurate and safe installation just the way you planned it.


Completely customize the package by selecting your preferences for each typical dispenser sump component including:

  1. Sump type
  2. Stabilizer bar kit
  3. Number of product lines
  4. Pipe size and brand (APT™ or UPP™)
  5. Entry boot types
  6. Test boot type
  7. Shear valve type
  8. Flexible connector type
  9. Tee (in-line) or elbow (end-of-run) fittings

Contact your sales manager to setup a custom model number specific to your preferences and specifications.


Part Number : 407513913

Equipment List:

  • (1) LMM-3617 (36” x 17” dispenser sump)
  • (6) REB-175-SC-K (1.75” rigid entry boot)
  • (6) STB-175-K (secondary test boot)
  • (3) FF15X18MSXEZM-K (flexible connector)
  • (3) TEE-XP-175-K (1.75” XP tee fitting)
  • (3) SBK-3-1 (stabilizer bar kit)
  • (3) BPT-200 (bypass tube)