110x90 mm Secondary Contained

110x90 mm Secondary Contained

Model Number Description
000-110-006-SC-E UPP® Secondary Pipe 110 mm L=5.8 m
Model Number Description
G3-110-090 Secondary sliding 90° elbow for 110/90
Model Number Description
G4-110-090 Secondary sliding 45° elbow for 110/90
Model Number Description
G8-110-090 Secondary tee for 110/90
Model Number Description
91-110-090-TP BSPT Male, 110x90 mm, BSPT thread, with test port
Model Number Description
92-110-090 BSPT Female, 110x90 mm, BSPT thread
92-110-090-TP BSPT Female, 110x90 mm, BSPT thread, with test port
Model Number Description
02.110(SC) UPP® Fusion Coupler 110 mm Secondary
02.125(SC) UPP® Fusion Coupler 125 mm Secondary
Model Number Description
09.125.110(SC) UPP® Reducer 125x110 mm Secondary
09.160.125(SC) UPP® Reducer 160x125 mm Secondary
Model Number Description
49-110-090 SC Welding Reducer 110/90 mm
49-110-090-TP-3 110mm × 90mm secondary electrofusion reducer fitting with test port
Model Number Description
304-110-090 Fusion Entry Seal with 110 mm & 90 mm (pictured)
304-110-090-TP-3 Fusion entry seal with secondary coupler 110mm x 90mm with test port
Model Number Description
304-110-EIF UPP® Fusion Seal 110 mm with Integrated Coupler
Model Number Description
LDT60-2 24" Leak Detection Tube Kit - not for use with STB-100 product offering


Title Type Size
FFS-0234 (EN) UPP Semi Rigid Pipework System Datasheet.pdf PDF 5.36 MB


Title Type Size
CD_PC_001-110-090-XXX-E_002.dwg DWG 3.03 MB
CD_PC_001-110-090-XXX-E_002.pdf PDF 0.57 MB
CD_PC_LDT60-1-3D_001.stp STP 0.28 MB
CD_PC_LDT60-1-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.1 MB
CD_PC_LDT60-1-3D_001.dwg DWG 0.2 MB
CD_PC_G8-110-090-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.17 MB
CD_PC_G8-110-090-3D_001.dwg DWG 0.28 MB
CD_PC_G8-110-090_001.pdf PDF 0.38 MB
CD_PC_G8-110-090_001.dwg DWG 6.18 MB
CD_PC_G4-110-090-3D_001.stp STP 0.01 MB
CD_PC_G4-110-090_001.pdf PDF 0.57 MB
CD_PC_G4-110-090_001.dwg DWG 4.68 MB
CD_PC_G3-110-090-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.08 MB
CD_PC_G3-110-090_001.stp STP 17.28 MB
CD_PC_G3-110-090_001.pdf PDF 0.39 MB
CD_PC_G3-110-090_001.dwg DWG 3.31 MB
CD_PC_92-110-090 BSPT-3D_001.stp STP 0.37 MB
CD_PC_92-110-090 BSPT-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.11 MB
CD_PC_92-110-090 BSPT-3D_001.dwg DWG 0.19 MB
CD_PC_91-110-090-TP BSPT-3D_001.stp STP 0.48 MB
CD_PC_91-110-090-TP BSPT-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.04 MB
CD_PC_91-110-090-TP BSPT-3D_001.dwg DWG 0.18 MB
CD_PC_49-110-090-TP_001.pdf PDF 0.14 MB
CD_PC_49-110-090-TP_001.dwg DWG 1.78 MB
CD_PC_49-110-090-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.13 MB
CD_PC_49-110-090-3D_001.dwg DWG 0.22 MB
CD_PC_49-110-090_001.pdf PDF 0.14 MB
CD_PC_49-110-090_001.dwg DWG 1.76 MB
CD_PC_304-110-EIF-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.05 MB
CD_PC_304-110-EIF-3D_001.dwg DWG 0.24 MB
CD_PC_304-110-EIF_001.pdf PDF 0.12 MB
CD_PC_304-110-EIF_001.dwg DWG 0.62 MB
CD_PC_304-110-090-TP-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.09 MB
CD_PC_304-110-090-TP-3D_001.dwg DWG 0.87 MB
CD_PC_304-110-090-TP_001.pdf PDF 0.11 MB
CD_PC_304-110-090-TP_001.dwg DWG 0.44 MB
CD_PC_304-110-090_001.pdf PDF 0.11 MB
CD_PC_304-110-090_001.dwg DWG 0.44 MB
CD_PC_09.160.125(SC)_001.pdf PDF 0.63 MB
CD_PC_09.160.125(SC)_001.dwg DWG 3.35 MB
CD_PC_02.125(SC)_001.pdf PDF 0.54 MB
CD_PC_02.125(SC)_001.dwg DWG 3.12 MB
CD_PC_02.110(SC)_001.stp STP 0.13 MB
CD_PC_02.110(SC)_001.pdf PDF 0.09 MB
CD_PC_02.110(SC)_001.dwg DWG 0.08 MB


Title Type Size
408001016 UPP Piping Installation Guide.pdf PDF 2.16 MB
408001016sv_r3-upp-piping-install-smal.pdf PDF 1.85 MB
408001016RU UPP Piping Install.pdf PDF 2.02 MB
408001016pl_r3-upp-piping-install.pdf PDF 1.64 MB
408001016de_-r2-upp-piping-install.pdf PDF 1.64 MB
408001016CS UPP Piping Installation Guide.pdf PDF 3.64 MB
408001016NL r6 UPP Piping Installation Guide (Dutch) PDF 1.95 MB
408001015sv_r3-upp-compression-fittings-small.pdf PDF 2.17 MB
408001015pl_-r3-upp-compression-fittings.pdf PDF 0.6 MB
408001015nl-r0-upp-montageprocedure-voor-compressiefitting.pdf PDF 0.99 MB
408001015 UPP Compression Fittings-small.pdf PDF 0.54 MB
408001014de-r5-gemini-install-a4.pdf PDF 2.43 MB
408001014nl-r0-upp-gemini-fittingen-van-45°-90°-en-t-stuk.pdf PDF 2.43 MB
408001014pl_r4-gemini-install_a4.pdf PDF 2.91 MB