110x90 mm Secondary Contained

110x90mm Secondary Hero.psd

110x90 mm Secondary Contained

Model Number Description
000-110-006-SC-E UPP® Secondary Pipe 110 mm L=5.8 m
Model Number Description
G3-110-090 Secondary sliding 90° elbow for 110/90
Model Number Description
G4-110-090 Secondary sliding 45° elbow for 110/90
Model Number Description
G8-110-090 Secondary tee for 110/90
Model Number Description
91-110-090-TP BSPT Male, 110x90 mm, BSPT thread, with test port
Model Number Description
92-110-090 BSPT Female, 110x90 mm, BSPT thread
92-110-090-TP BSPT Female, 110x90 mm, BSPT thread, with test port
Model Number Description
02.110(SC) UPP® Fusion Coupler 110 mm Secondary
02.125(SC) UPP® Fusion Coupler 125 mm Secondary
Model Number Description
09.125.110(SC) UPP® Reducer 125x110 mm Secondary
09.160.125(SC) UPP® Reducer 160x125 mm Secondary
Model Number Description
49-110-090 SC Welding Reducer 110/90 mm
49-110-090-TP-3 110mm × 90mm secondary electrofusion reducer fitting with test port
Model Number Description
304-110-090 Fusion Entry Seal with 110 mm & 90 mm (pictured)
304-110-090-TP-3 Fusion entry seal with secondary coupler 110mm x 90mm with test port
Model Number Description
304-110-EIF UPP® Fusion Seal 110 mm with Integrated Coupler


Title Type Size
408001014 Gemini Fittings Installation Guide.pdf PDF 3.18 MB
408001014NL UPP Gemini Fittings Installation Guide (Dutch).pdf PDF 3.18 MB
408001014DE UPP Gemini Fittings Installation Guide (German).pdf PDF 3.15 MB
408001014pl_r4-gemini-install_a4.pdf PDF 2.91 MB
TB1120-01 New Finish for DW Transitions.pdf PDF 0.37 MB
FFS-0132 UPP Pipe Install Checklist and Warranty Form.pdf PDF 0.06 MB
FFS-0132SP UPP Piping Installation Checklist & Warranty Start-Up Form (Spanish).pdf PDF 0.15 MB
408001007 r3 UPP Electrofusion Welding Instructions.pdf PDF 2.91 MB
408001007sv_r2-upp-electrofusion-instructions.pdf PDF 2.9 MB
408001007pl_-r3-upp-electrofusion-instructions.pdf PDF 3.14 MB
408001007nl_r0-uppelektrofusie-lasinstructies.pdf PDF 2.09 MB
408001007de-r2-upp-electrofusion-instructions.pdf PDF 2.95 MB
408001010 EF1-230V UPP Handheld Welder.pdf PDF 1.55 MB
408001010PT EF1 UPP Handheld Welder (Portuguese).pdf PDF 0.72 MB
408001010FR r4 EF1 UPP Handheld Welder (French).pdf PDF 0.92 MB
408001010DE r3 EF1 UPP Handheld Welder (German).pdf PDF 1.04 MB
408001015 UPP Compression Fittings-small.pdf PDF 0.54 MB
408001015sv_r3-upp-compression-fittings-small.pdf PDF 2.17 MB
408001015pl_-r3-upp-compression-fittings.pdf PDF 0.6 MB
408001015nl-r0-upp-montageprocedure-voor-compressiefitting.pdf PDF 0.99 MB
408001016 UPP Piping Install Guide.pdf PDF 2.89 MB
408001016sv_r3-upp-piping-install-smal.pdf PDF 1.85 MB
408001016RU UPP Piping Install.pdf PDF 2.02 MB
408001016pl_r3-upp-piping-install.pdf PDF 1.64 MB
408001016NL r7 UPP Piping Installation Guide (Dutch) PDF 1.95 MB
408001016de_-r2-upp-piping-install.pdf PDF 1.64 MB
408001016CS UPP Piping Installation Guide.pdf PDF 3.64 MB
408089001-rev1-upp-piping-in-existing-site.pdf PDF 0.63 MB
408095001_NL_ r1 DW transition.pdf PDF 0.66 MB
408095001-r1-dw-transition-fittings.pdf PDF 0.64 MB
408098001 UPP Above ground Install.pdf PDF 0.91 MB
408098001de-r2-upp-above-ground-install.pdf PDF 1.08 MB
408098001nl_r2-upp-above-ground-install.pdf PDF 0.9 MB
408098001-r2-upp-above-ground-install.pdf PDF 0.91 MB
408099001r1-detector-tape-install-guidelines.pdf PDF 7.91 MB


Title Type Size
CD_PC_001-110-090-XXX-E_002.dwg DWG 3.03 MB
CD_PC_001-110-090-XXX-E_002.pdf PDF 0.57 MB
CD_PC_LDT60-1-3D_001.stp STP 0.28 MB
CD_PC_LDT60-1-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.1 MB
CD_PC_LDT60-1-3D_001.dwg DWG 0.2 MB
CD_PC_G8-110-090-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.17 MB
CD_PC_G8-110-090-3D_001.dwg DWG 0.28 MB
CD_PC_G8-110-090_001.pdf PDF 0.38 MB
CD_PC_G8-110-090_001.dwg DWG 6.18 MB
CD_PC_G4-110-090-3D_001.stp STP 0.01 MB
CD_PC_G4-110-090_001.pdf PDF 0.57 MB
CD_PC_G4-110-090_001.dwg DWG 4.68 MB
CD_PC_G3-110-090-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.08 MB
CD_PC_G3-110-090_001.stp STP 17.28 MB
CD_PC_G3-110-090_001.pdf PDF 0.39 MB
CD_PC_G3-110-090_001.dwg DWG 3.31 MB
CD_PC_92-110-090 BSPT-3D_001.stp STP 0.37 MB
CD_PC_92-110-090 BSPT-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.11 MB
CD_PC_92-110-090 BSPT-3D_001.dwg DWG 0.19 MB
CD_PC_91-110-090-TP BSPT-3D_001.stp STP 0.48 MB
CD_PC_91-110-090-TP BSPT-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.04 MB
CD_PC_91-110-090-TP BSPT-3D_001.dwg DWG 0.18 MB
CD_PC_49-110-090-TP_001.pdf PDF 0.14 MB
CD_PC_49-110-090-TP_001.dwg DWG 1.78 MB
CD_PC_49-110-090-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.13 MB
CD_PC_49-110-090-3D_001.dwg DWG 0.22 MB
CD_PC_49-110-090_001.pdf PDF 0.14 MB
CD_PC_49-110-090_001.dwg DWG 1.76 MB
CD_PC_304-110-EIF-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.05 MB
CD_PC_304-110-EIF-3D_001.dwg DWG 0.24 MB
CD_PC_304-110-EIF_001.pdf PDF 0.12 MB
CD_PC_304-110-EIF_001.dwg DWG 0.62 MB
CD_PC_304-110-090-TP-3D_001.pdf PDF 0.09 MB
CD_PC_304-110-090-TP-3D_001.dwg DWG 0.87 MB
CD_PC_304-110-090-TP_001.pdf PDF 0.11 MB
CD_PC_304-110-090-TP_001.dwg DWG 0.44 MB
CD_PC_304-110-090_001.pdf PDF 0.11 MB
CD_PC_304-110-090_001.dwg DWG 0.44 MB
CD_PC_09.160.125(SC)_001.pdf PDF 0.63 MB
CD_PC_09.160.125(SC)_001.dwg DWG 3.35 MB
CD_PC_02.125(SC)_001.pdf PDF 0.54 MB
CD_PC_02.125(SC)_001.dwg DWG 3.12 MB
CD_PC_02.110(SC)_001.stp STP 0.13 MB
CD_PC_02.110(SC)_001.pdf PDF 0.09 MB
CD_PC_02.110(SC)_001.dwg DWG 0.08 MB
CD_PC_02-XXXSC_001.dwg DWG 3.13 MB
CD_PC_02-XXXSC_001.pdf PDF 0.18 MB