Grade Level Sleeve

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Grade Level Sleeve

The transition sleeve is the practical, environmentally sound solution for above and below ground supply of generator or boiler applications from remote storage tanks. Steel piping enters the sleeve through APT special flexible double entry boots. It is an economical alternative that allows a straightforward installation with no special tools.

  • Transition sleeve provides the transition for above and below ground level.
  • Transition sleeve provides the transition of APT pipe to steel pipe.
  • May be additionally used for through-wall installation, above or below ground.
  • Low cost alternative to the AST-2922 transition sump.
  • Designed to utilize APT dual entry and ducted boots.
  • Split design allows aboveground spill or leak containment. Ready access for maintenance or replacement of joint hardware and pipe.
  • The transition sleeve can accommodate for fill/feed generator applications.

TSL-005 Includes

  • Transition sleeve spool, 5" ID.
  • HDPE pipe, 18" length, 4" ID.
  • Bulkhead ducting boot.
  • Hose clamps.
  • Blue corrugated ducting, 48" length.
  • ¼" formed steel rod.
  • Installation instructions.
Model Number Description
TSL-005 Transition sleeve (top and bottom boot required, sold separately)
  • The transition sleeve along with the top and bottom entry boot should be ordered separately.