XP Pipe Ducting

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XP Pipe Ducting

APT™ brand 4” XP Pipe ducting allows for simple and easy pipe removal without the need for extensive excavation. The 4” inside diameter of the ducting allows XP pipe to easily slide through during installation or removal. This updated design features integrated flat, non-corrugated sections which provide flat sealing surfaces for tight entry boot connections.

  • Thick, corrugated polyethylene construction prevents collapse under the weight of backfill.
  • Entries into sump walls are made easy with rigid or rubber ducted entry boot options available in all XP pipe diameters.
  • Combine ducting with APT® brand rigid entry boots to form a watertight seal.
  • Integrated flat, non-corrugated sections provide flat sealing surfaces for tight entry boot connections.
  • Installs directly to entry boot with no need for an extra bushing or V-seal.
  • Recommended for future-proofing sites for pipe changes or as an empty line for future added lines.
  • Available in 100 or 250 ft length coils.


  1. XP Ducting
  2. XP Pipe (secondary layer outside of sump)
  3. XP Pipe (primary layer exposed inside sump)
  4. Ducted rubber entry boot (sold separately)
  5. Ducted rigid entry boot (sold separately)
  6. Rubber test boot
  7. Rigid split test boot
  8. Sump wall
Model Number Description
DUCT-400-100 XP pipe ducting, 100 ft. coil
DUCT-400-250 XP pipe ducting, 250 ft. coil


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