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Grade Level

The AST above or below ground transition sump is the practical, environmentally sound solution for remote dispensing from aboveground storage tanks. Steel and flexible piping enter the sump through the APT flexible entry boot. Inside the sump, the steel piping easily connects to flexible piping for a fueltight, continuous run to dispensers or an intermediate sump.

  • Transition sumps help meet environmental regulations by isolating metal piping from the soil.
  • Transition sumps can be installed either inside or outside containment dikes.
  • 30" burial depth allows the transition sump to be used as the system low point for leak detection.
  • Load rated composite cover.
  • Flexible entry boot provides a fueltight and watertight seal around the metal piping and flexible piping as it enters the sump lid and sidewall.
  • H-20 load rating. Pipe entries installed in lids negate the load rating.
Model Number Description
25202923 Replacement AST-2922 lid, grey
99985553 Replacement gasket
AST-2922 Aboveground storage tank transition sump
IP-400-B Inspection port, FEP style with well cap


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