XP Flexible Pipework

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XP Flexible Pipework

APT® XP pipework provides a highly flexible pipework solution that makes installation simple and easy in any weather condition or site configuration. XP pipework can be used in both pressure and suction applications, and is ideal for underground service station fuel delivery systems. XP pipe is offered in 1 ½”, 1 ¾”, and 2” diameters in a variety of lengths. 

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For over 15 years installers, contractors, and station owners around the world have trusted the APT® XP pipework system as their flexible pipework solution of choice. The system’s superior construction, high flexibility, and easy installation place it in a class all its own.

Double Wall Protection

Double wall XP pipe features a premium multi-layer construction designed to provide double wall protection and give the pipe enhanced strength.

Premium Underground Pipework

XP pipe is ideal for underground service station fuel delivery systems, in any climate, and used in both pressure and suction applications. XP pipe is compatible for remote feed and fill for heaters, boilers, and emergency generators and is UL 971 listed.

Simple Installation

With long coils and simple fittings, XP pipework can be installed quickly without specialized tools in any weather. XP pipe features a 3 ft. bend radius for all pipe diameters allowing for long runs in any layout.



Double Wall Protection

XP pipe has a multi-layer construction with primary and secondary layers fitting tightly against each other to ensure additional environmental security.


Highly Flexible

The XP pipework system features controlled flexibility, even in low temperatures, permitting fast, easy installation.


Watertight Entries

XP pipe rigid entry boots ensure a 90-degree, watertight entry into both round or flat fiberglass and polyethylene containment sumps.

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APT® XP pipework provides a highly flexible pipework solution that makes installation simple and easy in any weather condition or site configuration.

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Pipe Flexibility

XP pipe features a 3 ft. bend radius for all pipe diameters making it one of the most flexible, yet durable fuel pipes available.

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Long Pipe Runs

Coils of 1,000 or more feet of XP pipe come pre-loaded onto reels for fast on-site pulling and longer pipe runs.

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Fast Connections

Simple thread-on fittings eliminate glued joints or long drying times, allowing contractors to quickly carry out installation and pressure testing.

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XP pipe fittings come in a variety of options for making easy end connections with the flexible pipework system.

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Clamshell Swivel

The swivel fitting action allows for easy installation in tight containment spaces. NPT threads are compatible with locally available standard termination fittings.

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Tee & Elbow

These compact fittings free up valuable space inside of already tight containment sumps where space is at a premium.

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Quick Release

The fittings offer easy connection to flexible connectors and allow for quick disconnection of the pipe for maintenance and servicing.

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XP rigid entry boots allow you to connect XP pipe to containment sumps with an unsurpassed level of installation ease, while also completely removing exposed rubber for a watertight connection.

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Fast & Accurate

Rigid entry boots require only a single 5" entry hole for installation, eliminating the time-consuming process of drilling multiple holes as well as the templates they require.

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Ensure Proper Entry

The interior ridges of the boot guide XP pipe into place to ensure a concentric, 90° perpendicular entry into the containment sump.

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Any Application

Rigid entry boots are suitable for use on flat and round sump surfaces with models available for both ducted and non-ducted applications.

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APT® XP pipework provides a flexible solution to meet the needs of your specific application and regulatory requirements.

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Direct Bury

D-series XP singlewall pipe is ideal for vent applications while SC-series XP doublwall pipe provides additional environmental security as a secondary contained direct bury pipe.

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Ducted Pipework

4" ducted XP pipe allows you to future-proof your site for changes in pipe diameter or as an empty conduit for the future addition of lines.

  • Primary layer construction of Nylon 12 - the fuel line material contains no polyethylene.
  • Do not store piping in direct sunlight.


  1. Interior primary (Nylon 12)
  2. Metallized Mylar
  3. Nylon Braid
  4. Exterior Primary (Nylon 12)
  5. Clear Mylar
  6. Secondary Jacket (Nylon 12)
  7. Metallized Mylar
  8. Scuff Guard (Nylon 12)

Pipe Dimensions

Model ID ± 0.010 Primary Layer OD ± 0.020 Primary Layer OD ± 0.030 SC Jacket OD ± 0.030 Scuff Guard Minimum Bend Radius
1½" Secondary Contained 1.40" 1.70" 1.90" 1.925" 36"
1¾" Secondary Contained 1.65" 1.95" 2.15" 2.175" 36"
2" Secondary Contained 2.04" 2.45" 2.65" 2.675" 36"
2" Single Wall 2.04" 2.45" -- -- 36"

Reel Dimensions

Listed as reel diameter × width × hub diameter.

Reel Size Inches cm
Master 91 × 31 × 74 231.1 × 78.7 × 188
Super master (S. Mast.) 91 x 49 x 74 231.1 x 124.5 x 188


  • UL971 listed.
  • UL971 listed for fuels including:
    • Motor vehicle fuels typically found in consumer dispensing facilities like gasoline or diesel including blended fuels with maximum 15% MTBE, 15% Methanol or 30% Ethanol.
    • Concentrated fuels such as alternate unblended fuels containing up to 100% concentrations of Toluene, Methanol or Ethanol.
    • High blend fuels with higher than normal gasoline blends with maximum 50% Methanol or 50% Ethanol.
    • Aviation and marine specialty fuels containing up to 100% kerosene or leaded gasoline.
  • Biodiesel compatibility:
    • Biodiesel up to 5% (B5)
    • Biodiesel up to 20% (B20)
    • Biodiesel at 97% - 100% (B99 / B100)
    • All ASTM defined biofuel  blends
Model Number Description
XP-150-SC-250 1½" secondary contained, 250 ft Master Reel
XP-150-SC-500 1½" secondary contained, 500 ft Master Reel
XP-150-SC-1000 1½" secondary contained, 1,000 ft Super Master Reel
XP-150-SC-1500 1½" secondary contained, 1,500 ft Super Master Reel
XP-150-D-250 1½" single wall, 250 ft Master Reel
XP-150-D-500 1½" single wall, 500 ft Master Reel
XP-175-SC-250 1¾" secondary contained, 250 ft Master Reel
XP-175-SC-500 1¾" secondary contained, 500 ft Master Reel
XP-175-SC-1000 1¾" secondary contained, 1,000 ft Super Master Reel
XP-200-SC-250 2" secondary contained, 250 ft Master Reel
XP-200-SC-500 2" secondary contained, 500 ft Super Master Reel
XP-200-D-500 2" single wall, 500 ft Super Master Reel