Flexible Bulkhead

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Flexible Bulkhead

APT bulkhead boots boast an enlarged gasket area to seal against the sump wall and incorporate the proven advantages of the APT standard flexible entry boot seal. The bulkhead boot requires only a single hole to be drilled for installation, reducing labor time and cost. APT offers a complete line of sizes for ½" through 2½" single and secondary contained pipe. The 1½" through 2½" sizes are also available in a ducted boot version to accommodate the use of APT DCT-400 corrugated ducting for easy retractability.

  • Designed to be used with APT product piping, the bulkhead boots are also ideal for use with rigid piping and electrical conduits.
  • Flexible bulkhead boots available in sizes from ½" through 2½". Ducted bulkhead boots available in sizes from 1½" through 2½".
  • Boot size designations correspond directly to the pipe size being used.
  • Any boot for a single wall pipe can be converted to a boot for a double wall pipe by simply removing the insert in the pipe opening.
  • Bulkhead boots can be serviced from inside the sump, eliminating the need for sump excavation.
  • Made from oil- and gasoline-resistant nitrile rubber.

Flexible Bulkhead Boots

Model Number Description
FBB-075-D Flexible bulkhead boot for P-075-D, ¾" and 1" electrical conduit
FBB-150-SC Flexible bulkhead boot for XP-150-SC

Ducted Bulkhead Boots

Model Number Description
DBB-150-SC Ducted bulkhead boot for XP-150-SC
DBB-200-SC Ducted bulkhead boot for XP-200-SC