UPP® steel electrofusion entry seals weld directly to the walls of steel chambers and underground dispenser containment. They provide a water tight seal between UPP® primary or secondary contained pipe and steel underground containment. The nature of the seal means that after installation it becomes one with the sump, with zero leak paths, creating a 100% leak tight system.

  • Ideal for DIBt markets where steel containment is a standard requirement.
  • The steel sleeve is welded directly to the steel containment, eliminating the need for a rubber or mechanical seal and creating a liquid tight containment entry.
  • The polyethylene spigot is electrofusion welded to UPP® pipework using 49 Series electrofusion reducers.
  • The seal features an over molded design which creates a permanent leak tight bond between the polyethylene and steel sleeve.
  • A yellow polyethylene sleeve is bonded to the steel sleeve for corrosion protection.


  1. Steel electrofusion entry seal
  2. 49 Series reducer fitting
  3. Steel containment wall
  4. Secondary pipe (outside containment)
  5. Primary pipe (inside containment)


  • DIBt approved.
Model Number Description
SEB-063-050 Electrofusion Entry Seals
SEB-075-063 Electrofusion Entry Seals
SEB-110-075 Electrofusion Entry Seals
SEB-125-110 Electrofusion Entry Seals
  • 49 Series reducer fittings must be ordered separately.
  • Consult factory for availability and lead times.